This Week, Cafe Open - Tuesday to Friday 9.30- 3.00
This Week, Cafe Open - Tuesday to Friday 9.30- 3.00
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Eating for Hormonal Balance - Menopause & Peri-Menopause - One Day, June 12
Eating for Hormonal Balance - Menopause & Peri-Menopause - One Day, June 12
Monkshill Refectory

Eating for Hormonal Balance - Menopause & Peri-Menopause - One Day, June 12

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Are you on the Peri-Menopause or Menopause hormone rollercoaster? 

Suffering with headaches, joint pain, brain fog, just not feeling 'with it'? Or want to make sure you're ready for it when it happens (tip - this makes a huge difference).

The good news is that you don’t have to suffer!

More and more women are  looking for proactive ways to manage their changing hormones and an integral part of this is diet. (btw check out the Davina McCall doc on C4 if you haven’t already)

We are excited to be joining forces with Nutritionist Virginia Hills on a series of workshops kicking off in June that will help you eat yourself happier and have a less bumpy ride!

Book to join us on June 12th, 10 - 13.00, and learn 

  • the KEY foods to include in your meals to optimise your health and keep your hormones happy at different stages in your life including peri menopause & menopause so that you FEEL GOOD
  • the lowdown on which fats and phytoestrogens are good for you and how to get them into your diet
  • why good gut health is key
  • What you should be eating to keep your hormones balanced 
  • What your plate should look like
  • Why protein is important and easy ways to add it to your diet
  • Why you need to eat the right veg, fruit & fibre for your hormones. 

And we will be...joining the dots with good gut health and enjoying a Wasted Kitchen Lunch designed to support your gut health and your hormones (as well as talking through how you can make it yourself).

Plus we'll be giving you

  • PRACTICAL tips & tricks and easy ways to incorporate these foods into your meals
  • Renewed enthusiasm to eat the right foods for your hormones!
  • Nutrition Fact Sheets for each session
  • Recipe Sheets with our Quick Win tips!
  • A jar of Wasted Kitchen Ferment to eat at home

About Us

Virginia Hills is a Nutritionist who specialises in Gut Health and Women's Health. Katy brings the practical 'how to' food knowledge and experience as the owner of The Wasted Kitchen and Monkshill Refectory. Together we are here to help you feel great - and have the knowledge, kitchen confidence and some hacks to make doing it EASY.

Virginia Hills Nutritionist

"I am passionate about nutrition and how it affects our hormones: I’ve suffered from hormone fuelled migraines throughout my life and am now in the run up to menopause.

I know that many of my clients struggle with making quick, easy & nutritious meals: collaborating with Katy to learn the tips & tricks of the trade & help you calm your hormones & have the best experience for your menopause through your own food & cooking is something I am super excited about. Plus, any opportunity to learn more tips and tricks of the trade to up my own nutrition game are key!"

Katy Newton Wasted Kitchen

"I’ve always been interested in the role food plays in health and how what we eat makes us feel. I have been through the hormonal ups and downs of PCOS and, currently, menopause and know that night sweats, brain fog, mood swings and joint pain are real and, to be honest, debilitating. So I am passionate about making it easier for other people whether they are currently dealing with it or want to be armed – something I wish I’d been.  So teaming up with Nutritionist Virginia Hills to create a series Womens Health workshops focussing on hormone balance and making menopause a positive experience is something I am fully onboard with and it’s exciting to be able to share some of our recipes and food hacks."

Evening dates to follow, kicking off in September.

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