This Week, Cafe Open - Tuesday to Friday 9.30- 3.00
This Week, Cafe Open - Tuesday to Friday 9.30- 3.00
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Eating For Gut Health - One Day, Saturday July 2
Monkshill Refectory

Eating For Gut Health - One Day, Saturday July 2

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Are you ready to improve your GUT HEALTH?

Is it time to tackle the bloat, redress reflux or curb cramps? 

Do you want to feel healthier AND more energised?  

If it’s about time you put your health first then come along to our new Gut Health Classes and learn more about the food that agrees with you, how to identify the foods that trigger you and what to do about it!

Book to join us and learn 

  • which foods make you feel good AND how to make them
  • how to identify foods that don't make you feel so good
  • Why good gut health is important, 
  • Why fibre is key to good gut health. PLUS how much fibre you should actually eat each day
  • Why you should be eating colourful foods – the what, why & how
  • How to easily incorporate more herbs & spices when cooking
  • Why fermented & prebiotic foods are important & beneficial
  • Why FODMAPs can be relevant for some people & not others!

Plus we'll be giving you

  • Lots of PRACTICAL tips & tricks for tackling bloating, constipation & other common tummy troubles
  • Some easy wins on making the food that makes you feel good - and the confidence to do it
  • Renewed enthusiasm to eat the right foods for your gut!
  • Nutrition Fact Sheets for each session
  • Recipe Sheets with our Quick Win tips!
  • A jar of Wasted Kitchen Ferment to eat at home

Virginia Hills is a Nutritionist who specialises in Gut Health and Women's Health. Katy brings the practical 'how to' food knowledge and experience as the owner of The Wasted Kitchen and Monkshill Refectory. Together we are here to help you feel great - and have the knowledge, kitchen confidence and some hacks to make doing it EASY.

Join us for a one day class on on 2 July or 10 - 13.00

All food is designed to support gut health and we will be talking through how you can make them yourself.

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