Eating For Happy Hormones - Nutrition For Peri-Menopause. Half Day - Sunday, March 6th
Monkshill Refectory

Eating For Happy Hormones - Nutrition For Peri-Menopause. Half Day - Sunday, March 6th

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Hitting the menopause or in the run up?

Noticing it’s harder to eat the “same” foods without putting on weight? 
Feeling a bit more sensitive to stress, started struggling with sleep or noticing what might be hot flushes?
Want to know why and how to start solving these with the food you eat?

Join us on March 6th to learn how to balance your hormones and blood sugar levels in the run up to menopause through what you eat, increase your energy and get more colour into your food!

Join Virginia Hills, Registered Nutritionist and Katy Cox from Wasted Kitchen on March 6 for 'Nutrition For Peri-Menopause' - a half day class at Monkshill Refectory followed by a yummy Wasted Kitchen lunch and chat.  

Expect a small group of likeminded people who are interested in how what you eat can benefit your hormones and your enjoyment of life.  

The class kicks off at 10 and finishes at 1 with a Wasted Kitchen lunch (all included) and time for questions and chat.

You will learn about
  • The best foods to eat for a smooth transition into this new stage of life - when eating well can have a huge effect on how we feel!
  • How to eat to manage your energy, reduce the stress and likelihood of hot flushes
  • AND Why good gut health is particularly important during peri-menopause 
With practical tips for
  • What that means in terms of what to eat and drink, the “right” foods to support you 
  • easy ways to incorporate those foods into your meals
  • some food and drink short cuts and quick wins
You will leave with
  • Nutrition Fact Sheets covering everything discussed
  • Recipe  sheets
  • A jar of Wasted Kitchen Kraut
NB we are also running a 'Gut Health For Women' class on January 23rd - if you suffer from bloating, constipation or are wondering if particular foods might make you feel worse or trigger different symptoms such as headache, migraines, stomach cramps, eczema or psoriasis then this course is likely suitable for you! Click here to find out more. 
    Virginia Hills is a Nutritionist on a mission to support women feeling their best and boost their energy levels, whilst balancing their hormones and everyday stress.

    Katy runs Great Taste Award Winning Wasted Kitchen from The Refectory and champions local and seasonal food and reducing food waste.  

    They have come together over a shared love of good food and the belief that what we eat truly affects our happiness and wellbeing to offer a series of classes.

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