Sometimes great things just grow from people who have a common vision and set of shared values meeting. Monkshill Refectory grew from just such a meeting between two people and a truly magic setting. 

Katy Cox founded a food business in Faversham creating wonderful sauces, vinegars and pickles, selling them locally through food markets and specialist food retailers.

Working with premium retailers she became increasingly aware of just how much great local produce was being wasted because it didn’t conform and her answer was to launch “wasted kitchen” producing even better tasting foods from great locally sourced products that might  otherwise have been wasted.

Jane Beedle was a finalist in the 2016 BBC Great British Bake Off and post the programme was increasingly working to create new recipes and meals both on television and at food fairs up and down the country. 

When she and Katy met it quickly became a partnership of shared values and ideas around great food, local, seasonal and sustainable,

The opportunity to create a unique venue at Monkshill Farm in Kent was the catalyst to bringing everything together in the form of the Monkshill Refectory. A wonderful converted barn with views out to sea across the Swale estuary, close to Whitstable and Canterbury with peacocks roaming the farm buildings and kitchen garden make this a venue like no other. Jane’s original plan was to create a great cookery school but Monkshill Refectory affords so much more.

The Venue

Monkshill Refectory offers a space for almost every occasion. With more and more employees working from home Monkshill offers a great venue for regular gatherings to trade views and information plus a level of catering to suit every occasion, from Coffee and sandwiches to buffet lunch or even a gourmet meal for that client presentation. Right now we can cater for 20 people socially distanced but as things change over the coming months we expect to be catering for any sort of private party up to 60 people in addition to the cookery classes, recipe club nights, demo and dine meals and much more.