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Food Menu

Breakfast – Served All Day 

Wasted Kitchen Bacon or Egg Sarnie

Macknade Butchers smoked back bacon or Rosewood Acre Egg served on Kitchen Focaccia.                                            Bacon £6.50, Egg £5.50

                                                                        Bacon & Egg £7.50

Nut & Seed Porridge

Wasted Kitchen Reset Menu Porridge. Gluten free ingredients. All the nuts with seeds with oats. Made with dairy or plant milk and topped with a dash of maple syrup or Monkshill Honey. Veggie/ vegan.            £5.00

Plus fresh fruit or compote (ask us what we’ve got)                    £6.50

Toasted 'Adventure Bread'

Seed, Nut and Oat bread – called Adventure because basically it’s adventure or trail mix in a loaf! Full of almonds, linseed, sesame, chia and pumpkin seeds. We know it sounds like bird food but it is properly delicious. Veggie/ vegan.       

Toasted and served with butter.                                                £4.50 With Marmite or Jam.                                                                  £5.00

Kitchen Focaccia Toast

Toasted and served with butter. Veggie/ vegan.                         £3.50

With Marmite, jam or peanut butter                                          £4.00


Lunch - Served from 11.30

Curried Parsnip Soup

Mildly spiced parsnip & coconut soup. Served with Focaccia. Part of this weeks Wasted Kitchen Reset Menu. Vegan. Can be GF.               £6.50                           

Squash, Chickpea & Coconut Curry

Sri Lankan style Curry made from scratch with excess veg. Served with Focaccia.

Part of this weeks Friday Feast Menu. Vegan. Can be GF             £6.50

Add a dollop of Hinxden Dairy Yoghurt                                       £7.00

Reset Salad Bowl

Selection of Wasted Kitchen Salads with Quinoa Tabbouleh & Moroccan Spiced Hummous. Vegan. GF                                                     £7.00

With Kitchen Focaccia                                                               £8.00

Thai Noodle Bento Bowl                                  

Thai Noodle Salad from the Wasted Kitchen Reset Menu served with Asian Slaw. Vegan. GF                                                                    £8.50

Kitchen Sausage Rolls

Made with Macknade Sausage Meat.

Served with Wasted Kitchen Salad.        £7.00 light bite/ £10 platter

Kitchen Veggie or Vegan Puffs

Served with Wasted Kitchen Salad.        £6.50 light bite/ £9.50 platter

Cakes and puddings at the counter!


Please note – we are not a gluten free kitchen, many of our dishes use gluten free ingredients

Everything we make leads with seasonal, local and excess produce and starts with what we’ve got – which means it changes regularly and sometimes we run out. Doing this means we support local producers and reduce food waste by getting it back into the food cycle.